Our unique, certified modular homes are built to move!

Muchalat's custom, modular prefabricated homes and buildings are constructed in a factory controlled environment. Our fully-certified units are built to higher standards than traditional stick built buildings as they are built to be transported from our plant.

Located at 2956 Ulverston Avenue in Cumberland, BC, just off Inland Island Highway, our plant is central and convenient for moving our finished units anywhere on Vancouver Island or onto BC's West Coast. Since our units are painted, tiled and finished in the plant, once they arrive they simply need to be attached to the foundation and utilities to be complete. Once installed it is hard to tell that our homes are modular.

The most common question we get asked is about pricing: our prices range from $160-250 per sq. ft., which includes everything from plumbing and electrical to cabinetry. Delivery is on-top, and we can give you a quote for doing a foundation too. If that all works for you, please send us an e-mail today!

Muchalat Modulars built at our factory are:

  • CSA A277 Certified Modular Homes: The Aria, The Aria 2, and The SW1
  • Office Trailers
  • Storage Units
  • Commercial Structures
  • Pre-fab Homes

The Aria:

This custom 750 sq.ft 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath Single Family Home is A277 Certified. Drop by and view the Aria today. You will be amazed how bright and comfortable this little charmer feels. This unit would be a perfect income earner. Become a landlord and start making your land work for you today. This unit is ready for your final finishing requests.

This unit is also available in a 2 Bedroom model the Aria 2.

The SW1:

This Single Wide Modular, 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath Home is A277 Certified. It features a Spacious Angled Kitchen making this a Single Wide with some pizzazz. This unit is ready for your final finishing requests.


The Pender:

The Pender is a open-concept, high-light A277 Certified modular cabin. It’s a one bedroom with a large open dining room and multiple sliding doors opening onto a front deck. This unit is excellent for a lake-side cabin or mountain-view lot. This unit is ready for your final finishing requests.


School Portables

Portables work as extended classrooms for any school. Ours come with premium black and grey exteriors, large windows for plenty of light and full electrical and temperature controls. Your students (and teachers) will feel comfortable and at ease in these buildings. Bonus, when it comes time to reduce class sizes, they can be moved to other districts and sites.


Forces Housing Department

This Duplex was built as a modular for Canadian Forces Housing Department and is located on the base in Comox, B.C.:

Read about one of our recent modulars being used to improve a local business.

Watch a time-lapse video of a unit being assembled:

Modulars completed, delivered, and set-up:

This 1550 sq.ft 4 Bedroom Modular Duplex was built as a modular for Canadian Forces Housing Department, Comox, BC.

Here seen being built in our plant…

and installed.

This is an 8plex housing complex built for DND, Comox, B.C..

A storage unit facility built in our plant and installed in Comox, BC.

Our experienced team of consultants, designers, and tradesmen are available to make your dream a reality.

Contact us today to discuss the many advantages of purchasing an A277 Certified modular home from our factory.

General Inquiries:

Tania 250-703-6003 or e-mail to info@muchalat.com.